Investment Professional Guide


Investment Professional Guide

As an investor, understanding your needs is an important part of determining what kind of investment professional you will want to work with.  Some investors simply need help managing their investment portfolios.  Others are looking for comprehensive advice and guidance.  The chart above will help explain the different types of investment professionals you’re likely to encounter.

I believe that investing without a goal is pointless, and therefore, I work as a financial planner. Unless you’re confident that all of your financial needs have been met, working with a financial planner is your best option.  Fee-Only passive and active management investment professionals follow higher ethical standards while offering great value.  Working with anything less than a financial planner or fee-only professional should be avoided.

Once you understand the differences between the investment professionals available, you can make a sound decision on finding one that best meets your needs.  Your search for a financial advisor should focus on cost and value.  Low investment costs mean that more of your money is working for you.  Value means that, when you do spend money on financial advice, you are getting what you pay for.  Your investments should always focus on a goal, and your financial plan will guide you.

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